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    Trek Through A Mini Waterfall & See A Spectacular View Just An Hour And A Half Away From Pune

    Bhavika posted on 05 July

    What Is It?

    Visapur Fort is a fort in Maharashtra, where you have to trek through gushing water down the steps. That’s one for the realistic bucket list right there.

    How Do I Get There?

    This fort is located very close to Lonavala, about 1.5 hours {close to 62 kms} away. You can either drive down to the fort, using the same route as to Lonavala via the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

    What Is Awesome About It?

    Well, since you asked, let’s begin. There are two twin forts that are very close to Lonavala – Visapur Fort and Lohgad Fort, of which Visapur is the higher fort. The path leading up to the fort is of medium difficulty. During the monsoon season, there is a mini waterfall that you have to trek through on the way to the fort.

    Anything Else?

    Although the path up will be slippery {carry good grip shoes}, and the trek might leave you weary, but the view from uptop is amazing, with a glimpse of the Pawna dam as well.

    So, We're Saying...

    It’ll be a really fun experience, and you can make a trip with your friends here. The waterfall experience is only in the monsoon, so hurry up and go soon.

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