Satiate Your Sweet Cravings At The Chocolate Room


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Yeah So, Tried all of this at the Chocolate room. Multiple visits. That indeed tells you how much we love TCR

    I had,
    * Double choco-chip frappe: Super Awesome. chocolate chips and milk blended with Ice-Cream
    * Thank God it's sundae: All chocolate lovers should definitely try this. It has chocolate Icecream, chocolate brownie, chocolate fudge, chocolate mousse and chocolate truffles.
    * Chocolate sundae: Crushed Chocolate Muffin with 2 huge scoops of chocolate Icecream, topped with chocolate sauce and nuts. You gotta go nuts having this dessert.
    *Kit Kat shake: KitKat blended with chocolate Icecream and chocolate sauce. Love the consistency and taste. Delicious.
    * Ecstasy sundae: Made up of chocolate and vanilla icecreams, brownie and hot chocolate sauce, it is a near-perfect dessert to have when you visit this place.
    * Wild chocolate indulgence freak shake: That was one monstrous Freak Shake we had here. It had whipped cream, brownie, chocolate sticks, gems, chocolate and brownie shake, chocolate waffle. Yeah that's it
    * Black forest shake: Proper thick shake, consistent throughout. Good. Just a little too much cream for my liking.
    * Red velvet freak shake: This was another delight. Perfect sweetness. A bit disappointed with the waffle.
    * Eskimo waffle: 1 scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream each served with a waffle with chocolate sauce, crunchy wafer balls and chocolate chips
    * Coffee frappe: Tasted similar to a cold coffee
    * Irish coffee: Was really good
    * Cheese Nachos: Tasty Crispy Nachos with a good amount of cheese sauce. the cheese sauce could be a bit better though
    * 3 tier Chicken Sandwich: Sandwich, in particular, was the best. generous amount of chicken. Delicious and Heavy as well.
    * Death by Chocolate Pancakes: The pancakes are a genuine treat for chocolate lovers. Too much of chocolate.
    * Peri Peri Fries: Fries is one dish you cannot get wrong. Loved the seasoning on it.


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