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Seeking A Spot To Play A Game Of Football With Your Pals? Then Mundhwa's Hot Fut Arena Is Where You Need To Be

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What Makes It Awesome?

With an array of upcoming smaller and artificial pitches, playing football in Pune has never been this easy. Football turfs have been one of the most attractive destinations in the city in recent years. In the past two-three years, there have been numerous football turfs built in almost every popular area of Pune. But this football arena was the pioneer in town and is still one the best in my opinion.

This area has three turfs and a chill-out zone where often the matches are screened on a projector. So you can watch the matches once you're done playing your game. How awesome is that? They also have a small cafe that serves a few energy drinks and some healthy snacks {perfect after a tiring game of football}. The spot is surrounded by trees and has an amazing community of young footballers.

Once you've rented the ground you can play football, and they'll provide you with the equipment. You can also rent these grounds for corporate events and team-building exercises.

What's My Pro Tip?

Remember to keep an eye on their social media page as they keep hosting tournaments, schools/college competitions and various others throughout the year. Also, book the ground in advance especially if you're going at night or during the weekends as the place generally gets really crowded.

Anything Else?

The charges vary anything between INR 800 and INR 2000 depending on the place you rent and what time of the day it is. The charges might seem steep but minimum 10 people can play at a time, cutting your individual cost drastically, like literally! They also have a second branch at Kumar Pacific Mall and an awesome sports bar next to it where matches are screened