We Found The Nuttiest Chocolate Fudge At This Legendary Shop In Lonavala

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What Makes It Awesome

On any given day and hour, Jaichan Chowk at Lonavala Market bustles with people, swarming in and around the iconic dessert shop, Cooper's. After a series of non-stop rave reviews about the place, we decided to finally check it out to see if it's still worth the hype.

Started by Noshir Cooper, more than 80 years ago, the shop is undoubtedly one of the prime reasons that attract thousands of people to Lonavala. What makes it special? Cooper's chocolate walnut fudge that has remained unchanged and undefeatable for very many years. Currently, the shop is run by Noshir's niece, Rashna Phiroze Irani who says that the secret family recipe is what that makes the fudge incredible.

As for us, the chocolate fudge was truly phenomenal. Packed in signature red and white boxes, the fudge is quite simple and has an instant homely feel. Every batch of the dessert is slow-cooked in crushed walnuts, drinking chocolate, ghee, cocoa powder, condensed milk and a tinge of sugar. A spoonful of this chocolaty delight is gooey, nutty and wholesome. So, to answer the question if Cooper's was worth all the hype {and the trip}, we think it was! And, if you haven't tried their fudge yet, you're definitely missing on to a lot.

Available in quarter, half and one kilogram, the prices for the fudge can vary between INR 800 and INR 1,200. Cooper's also has an eclectic range of chikkis including kesar badam, pista kaju and kesar kaju, starting at INR 700 per kilo.

Cooper's is open on all days {except for Wednesday}, between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm and 8.00 pm.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1000