We Have A Brand New Getaway Location {Just Like Sinhagad} Close To Pune!

    What Did I Like?

    Traveling way too much for a fun trek at Sinhagad? Then, we have some good news! What if tell you Pune Municipal Corporation {PMC} is currently working towards making an exact replica of Sinhagad, just about 40 minutes from the main city? This is not a joke! PMC along with the forest department is developing a replica of Sinhagad at the Dhanori hillock, which will be spread over 450 acres of land. Dhanori is just about 14km away from Pune, located on the boundaries of Pimpri- Chinchwad, Alandi and Lohegaon Airport. Although there will be no fort out here {obviously}, Dhanori will definitely bring that Sinhagad vibe - the trekking, rock climbing, nature trails, quaint little Kanda-bhaji kiosks and an Okayama Japanese-style garden. The aim of the Dhanori project is to reduce the amount of traffic towards Sinhagad fort {which has close to about 10,000 to 20,000 footfall daily} and to develop something similar in the eastern part of Pune.

    Anything Else?

    It's going to be a wait of a couple of months before Dhanori becomes the next trekking destination on the weekends.