Sunday Goals: 5 Spots Near Pune To Go To Under Two Hours

    Isn’t it just the perfect weather to be taking a road trip out of town? While taking a bus or a cab might get you to your destination, only driving down there with your squad let’s you take in the entire experience. So grab some munchies, rent a car, get your gang together and pick one of these beautiful locations to getaway from the city!


    Untouched, pure evergreen forests with an addition of rich culture makes Bhimashankar a great option for all those nature lovers out there. You can visit the temple there, located in the midst of the forest next to the river, that is built in the spectacular 18th century Nagara style of architecture. Beyond the Bhimashankar temple lies a magnificent forest, which supports a population of the endangered Giant Squirrel, ‘shekhru’, making it a part of the  Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.  The forest is also home to some birds, reptiles and butterflies. If you’re looking to be one with nature, you’re sure to love the experience this place offers.

    A little trivia here: the shekhru is also the state animal of Maharashtra!

    Distance from Pune: 120 km


    Rugged mountains and green forests of the Sahyadris {Western Ghats}, with the Mulshi lake makes this spot which is an hour and a half away from Pune, a great place to go get your share of some peace. Driving down to this place is a lot more appealing, as you get to treat your eyes to the Mulshi Lake for a large chunk of your journey. You can then get off and go explore the area or sit around with your buds at this great gift of nature.

    Drive a little beyond the Mulshi dam and you would cross the Tamhini Ghat, a dense forest area which has been notified as a wildlife sanctuary with its fair share of reptiles and birds

    Distance from Pune: 40 km to Mulshi & 70 km to Tamhini Ghat

    Madhe Ghat

    For a great view of the valley and the magnificent Sahyadri range and forest, topped with the most exquisite sight of waterfalls & paddy fields, you must drive down to Madhe Ghat. While most people hit Lonavala and Sinhagad, we’d suggest you take a day off to visit Madhe Ghat, which is not as knows, but so very beautiful!

    Located just 70km from the city, Madhe Ghat is near the Torna and Rajgad Forts and is located in the heart of a rich forest. Now coming to why we’d want you to put this place on your must-go-tos – the waterfall that is around 400 feet high and extends into the Shivthar River in Konkan. The waterfall makes for a sight that must not be missed. It is the therapeutic time off you and your friends need together. While you do need to be particularly careful of not slipping and hurting yourself, especially during the rains, for those seeking some adventure, there is a way through a ravine into the valley that allows you to stand right where the water touches ground!

    Madhe Ghat makes for the perfect getaway with a bunch of friends. You can get here by driving to Kelad village where you can park your car and then go on a short trek to the waterfall!

    Distance from Pune: 80 km


    A tiny, quaint village near Mahabaleshwar, with lovely weather through the year and the Shivsagar Lake formed by the Koyna Dam, Tapola has earned itself the name ‘Mini Kashmir’. For those looking for some adventure, the forests here are perfect for treks. There are also a ton of water sports organised by the local boat club allowing you to get some fun on a speed boat or water scooter or even a kayak. If nothing else, just dive in and go for a swim. We’re sure you’ve figured that if a quiet time in the wild is not your thing and you need some activity to keep you going, Tapola is where you should be headed to.

    Distance from Pune: 140 km


    Not much is known about the temple town of Wai. It lies at the foothills of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar and is located on the River Krishna. It’s more than 100 temples credits it the name Dakshin Kashi. If we were to tell you the spots you must go to here, we’d say you make a stop at the Kashi Vishweshwar temple, the Dholya Ganpati temple and the Laxmi Narsimha temple at Dhom village. You can also go boating and choose from a number of watersports at the Dhom Lake.

    Distance from Pune: 90 km