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This Outlet In Viman Nagar Does Incredible Varieties Of Chicken Wings!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Wings and Co is started a couple of years ago as a small eatery place but with an amazing concept of serving wings to the people not just as an appetizer but as a full course meal.

The menu looks like a limited option but it is quite impressive. One can select the desired cooking style from 5 styles, crunchy fried, glaze baked, pan-grilled or non-pan grilled and wok tossed. After that choose the variety of sauces from Tikka Masala to Thai Chilly 11 types of sauces and dip you loved to mess up with. To accompany your wings you have an option of rice, noodles or salad and balance the heat you can also order their beverages.

We had given tried to some of the wings my little experiment with cooking style and sauces which few disappointed but few turns to be delicious.

The chicken wings deep fried with batter and panko crumbs later glazed with peri-peri mango sauce. The wings were well tender from inside, juicy and moist as meat easily get separated from bones, but the negative part was the top crust was not fried well we can find the crisp was missing. Peri-Peri Mango sauce tasted sweet with a kick of peri-peri spice, but sweetness overpowered spiciness. Serves along with the extra dip. But you can give a try.

This chicken wings pan-grilled first later tossed in Korean Sauce. No flaws about the wings well cooked with a balance of salt and pepper. But sauce does not meet the expectation, the only feeling was the heat of the uncooked red chillies and peppercorn no proper balance of the spices. It can be done much better but missed a trick. But fair chance must be given in this.

This one surely meets up with our expectations. The wings were baked properly balancing the salt and pepper was well juicy, mois and tender. Sauce made up of garlic and parmesan was creamy but little more garlic and orgeano need to be added to enhance the flavor but much better than the two of above first served. If anyone had this or going to have it please do share your views. For me, it was good and recommend to those who loved to have not so spicy or continental style.

This time crunchy fried wings did well, properly fried to get crispiness. The honey mustard sauce did the trick, hot, slightly sweet with a kick of the pungency of mustard sauce along with hotness of crushed pepper. Sauce and crunchiness supported each other with tender and moist meat. Recommend this to have it.

Not to get confused with those regular fried rice, this is a unique one. The boiled rice tossed with red chillies powder and the other spice, too spicy but tasted good. Rice cooked up well with spice. Definitely trying to create something unique and close to the line. I suggested to serves dip size chicken stock to balance all flavor. May give try to this or do try noodles.

For the first time, it was tasted like little sweet more citric flavor in just cold water might forget to mixed it or might the sign of laziness the undissolved sugar and lemon was at bottom of the glass. The second time they fixed it and then I had that lemon-flavored iced tea which was good in taste. Deliver the instructions while ordering.

The reason to visit here was that it is town talking for very hot sauce "Bhoot Jholakia" which we missed because of the unavailability of the product as the chillies are from North East frontier India. But I will surely visit to have this.

Not much to tell about ambiance, just open sitting area with 4-5 regular table and bench sitting. On the point of services, the server needs to be trained about communication.

All the remarks were shared and discussed with the owner, hope for better development. Good Luck!

Till then you may visit and create your own style and do let us know which one is best to mess up with.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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