Make The Most Of Winter: Spots To Visit Near Pune This Season

Winter is coming! As you take your winter wear out, aren't you in the mood to also escape the city? If you're looking for a winter weekend getaway, there's a lot you could do around Pune. Here are five places you can visit to experience winters around Pune:


Known as the only vehicle-free hill station in India, Matheran offers pristine views and earthy feels. Winters are the best time to visit this quaint hill station as you can literally walk through fogs and feel the chilly winds sitting in your rooms. You can get to Matheran's car park by road in less than 3 hours. From the car park you can either enjoy a trek to the main mall road or take the toy train or a horse ride. Toy train tickets are available for INR 50 and a horse ride will cost you INR 300 till your resort. Visit viewing points, gorge on delicious fudge and stay at victorian resorts for less than INR 2000.


We couldn't leave this crowd favourite hill station out! Panchgani is a 3 hour drive from Pune and you can also get their by public buses for INR 350-400. Explore the main market, indulge in activities like go-karting, zip-ling, paint ball and much. You should also check out table land and Sydney point for the most breath-taking views. You can either book an airbnb or stay at the Zostel for INR 800 a night. Don't forget to visit the Cheese Factory - a little head form the market road- where you can see how chocolates and different types of cheeses are produced.


If you are not very keen on a long drive, just head to Mulshi which is an hour's drive away from Pune. If you visit in the morning, you will be able to drive through fogs and trust us, the view is to die for! Once you reach Mulshi, grab some chai and breakfast at Paradise Hotel for less than INR 100 and enjoy a panoramic view of the lake. 


You thought we forgot Lonavala? Come on! The drive to Lonavala is around one hour and you can see lush green mountains on both sides of the highway. The best way to spend your winters in Lonavala is to go camping. Find yourselves a spot at either the Rajmachi Campsite or Pawana Lake Campsite and enjoy a night infront of a bonfire with your friends. Camping packages for a day start at INR 1200 including food.


If a beach destination is what you think would be fun, then you're not wrong. Head to Tarkarli, where you can enjoy Malvan and bring out your inner adventure junkie. It's famous for its white sand beaches and clear waters and makes for an ideal getaway if you love water sports. It's 8 hours or 388kms away from Pune, so it's best to head here over a long weekend or for a short break. You can live in any resort by the beach and laze under palm trees. But, don't miss out on the banana boat rides, jet ski, and more importantly, snorkelling which Tarkarli is famous for. You can visit Tarkarli beach, Sindhudurg fort, Padma Garh fort, Dhampur lake, and Achra beach. The beach destination is also famous for its Malvani cuisine, so make sure you grab a thali at least once and eat a lot of local food. If Kerala was on your mind, but you can't take a long holiday, don't fret. Tarkarli's backwaters are different but equally pristine; and you can live on a houseboat here too. 

If you're headed here for a weekend, we recommend these things that you must do when in Tarkarli: snorkelling, zorbing, rafting, deep sea diving, hang gliding, parasailing, swimming, excursion to the forts, and boating.