This Restaurant In Hinjewadi Will Get Your Weekend Sorted!

What Makes It Awesome?

Radisson blu Hinjewadi Woke up late on Sundays? No worries Cafe Blu at Hinjewadi will turn your boring Sundays into Amazing ones with their Brunches! When you woke up late on Sundays and look at the clock it's already 10/11 AM, hence neither you can have breakfast nor lunch. That's why the term Brunch is invented. Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. So that you can have your breakfast as well as your lunch too. Brunches usually start at 11 AM and end up around 3-4 PM. Talking about Brunches then they are quite common nowadays in the cities. A lot of restaurants offers Brunches but my job is to give you the best options for your Brunch in Pune. The only option I'll blindly suggest you for the best Brunch in the city is the Radisson Blu (Hinjewadi). Radisson Blu has many branches over the world and a well-known restaurant chain. They are great in their Hospitality as well as in Food services. At the entrance, you will be greeted very positively. I'll like to mention Pooja madam to host us from the start of our Brunch till the end of our Brunch. She is amazing with her talkativeness, polite, kind and very frank nature. I think she is one of the gems which glows Radisson Blu's beauty. They have different brunch options which contain wine, champagne, aerated drinks etc. You can choose whichever you like. Talking about the ambience then it was quite impressive and decorative. The presentation of brunch was amazing and drooling that you can't stop yourself from having it. Gautam and Vikas were awesome in their service to please the customers. They helped us a lot to choose the best of the best from the live counters. Live counters were having Chaats, Jalebi with Rabdi, Mongolian noodles/rice, Pasta. I tried Samosa chaat which was having crisp and soft samosa topped with chutneys and fresh curd. The taste was awesome. Then I tried Aloo Tikki Chaat, I feel amazed that the Aloo Tikki chaat was having a very similar Taste as compared to the normal famous Pani poori thela's. It was delicious. Mongolian noodles were nicely tossed in the spices and veggies with less oil so healthy as well as tasty to eat. Talking about Arrabiata pasta then it was perfectly tossed with Arrabiata sauce with a hint of spices and fusilli pasta which was nice in taste. Of course, you can choose which pasta you want and whatever ingredients you wanted to add over it. Now the salads and starters. The main thing I loved about them is the presentation and the platings. For some of the dishes, the platings were done in small portions so that you can taste every dish present over the brunch instead of usually eating up one dish and filling your stomach. Watermelon cottage cheese was looking gorgeous as well as it was great in taste, the taste of fresh cottage cheese and watermelon was giving a blast of flavour in the mouth. Beetroot orange salad was delicious. The Baba Ganoush(made up with Eggplant, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil), Moutabel( spicy version of baba Ganoush served with some corn flakes), Tabouleh (Levantine vegetarian salad made mostly of finely chopped parsley, with tomatoes, mint, onion, bulgur, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.) Hummus(mashed chickpeas with tahini served with corn flakes), Fattoush(Levantine salad made from toasted or fried pieces of khubz combined with mixed greens and other vegetables), Russian salad, Sandwiches, Spring rolls, Beetroot egg salad, Vegetable Salads, Chicken salad, Pork salad, Kidney beans salad, noodles, Oriental chickpeas with chicken salad, sushi platter and so on. All were delicious. Talking about their starters then 2 from veg and 2 from non-veg, those are vegetable cutlet, achari paneer and soya basil fish, chicken tandoori. The vegetable cutlet was missing salt in it. Talking about the rest of the starters then they were mouth-watering and so yummy. The main course was having an ample of choices to have. Eggplant parmesan, Balsamic grilled veggies, sweet and sour tofu, Vegetable dumpling with signature sauce, veg kolhapuri, aloo Gobi araki, palak paneer, dal Bukhara, Navaratan Pulao, sliced chicken in ginger sauce, steamed fish and Chicken Rogan gosh. These are the dishes were present for the main course. All of them were delicious but my favourite were Steamed Fish, Chicken Rogan Gosh and Navaratan Pulao they were heavenly delicious. After this, we moved to my most favourite part i.e. the Desserts. They have plenty enough options which are enough to make you confused about what to eat. Just listened to me, Go for Everything..! Malai sandwich, Chocolate Pedha, Blueberry Terrine (soft yet firm, fudgier yet light cream/yoghurt-based dessert), Cupcakes, Clafouti (it is a baked French dessert of fruit), Olive oil tart, Kiwi and Orange Gateau ( A common misconception is that the gateau takes its name from the region of its origin: the black forest mountain range in South-Western Germany, whereas the black forest gateau takes its name from a distinctive and fiery Kirsch alcohol made from black forest sour cherries, known as Schwarzwalder Kirsch or Kirsch Wasser: cherry firewater. Gateau is a rich cake, typically one containing layers of cream or fruit often elaborately decorated. ), Raspberry cake, Cut fruits, Mango Pannacotta, Dudhi Halwa, Ice creams and Chocolate raisin pudding. All the Desserts were deliciously yummy! My personal favourite is Mango Pannacotta, Kiwi and Orange Gateau, Blueberry Terrine, Malai sandwich and Dudhi Halwa. The mocktails Green Sea and Mountain Mojito were awesome. The staff is always taking care of the customers. No delays in the service. Also, a special Thanks to Harshana Surve to join me for this review and to help me out for great clicks. Ambience:- 5/5 Service:- 5/5 Food:- 4.9/5 Value for money:- 5/5 Overall:- 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Visiting soon. Hungry for More!

What Could Be Better?

Found some minor faults in some of the dishes but they are negligible. Also found the water bottle present on my table was not cleaned but the staff changed it as soon as I pointed it out. So for management nothing more important just be little bit more precise in cleanliness that's it. Rest everything is Perfect and Awesome.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids