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Books Piled High In A Garage To An Iconic Heritage One, Here Are The Best Bookstores In Chennai

There is no such thing as too many books right? And feeding into this addiction is our handy list of bookstores that you need to check out in Chennai. While we love our Kindles, this gadget can never replace the business of browsing through books, feeling them, stocking up on loads of them and then reading them of course. Come, let’s go on a book shops crawl in Chennai right away.

India’s oldest bookstore, Higginbotham’s, is located in the hub of the city in its colonial building on Anna Salai. Opened since 1844, Higginbotham’s started off as a religious bookstore and eventually grew to house books across genres and fields. Apart from having the tag of the oldest living bookstore in India, Higginbotham’s has one of the best collections of books in the city. Although headquartered in Chennai, Higginbotham’s has operations in Bangalore and few other southern cities since 1891. It has recently opened another outlet inside Writer’s Cafe in Royapettah, and the Chennai Airport too.

This bookstore which started in the 2000s won the heart of Chennaiites very soon. Selling a host of different items from stationery to perfumes to gift items, Odyssey specialises in books and has three floors dedicated to different kinds of books in its Adyar and Thiruvanmyiur branches. From genres ranging from fiction and satire to romance, Odyssey has something for everybody. With plush interiors and courteous staff, your book shopping is different going to be fun! 


Located on CP Ramasamy Road, Asia Book Point is like an underground bookstore and the smell of fresh paper and books will have you reeling. This store has books in fiction, non-fiction, academic, travel, tourism, science-fiction, finance and accounting, and graphic novels too. Also, there's a treasure trove of Marvel and DC comics like Planet Hulk, Extremis, and Superman: New Krypton (2009). 

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