Anniversary Or Birthday? These Gifting Sites Will Save The Day


    With every gift gone wrong, hearts have been broken and friendships have hit a low. Think we’re lying? Try gifting a washing machine to your mum or a slimming belt to bae, and you’ll know exactly what we mean. To save you all this embarrassment (and heartbreak, obviously), we scoured the internet to find gifts that are ideal to surprise your partner with!



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    They proudly call themselves the curators of the cool, and we wouldn’t challenge it – they really sort us out when we’re looking for something fun (and outrageous even). Boss Lady pencils, a foosball table for the desk, unicorn earphones, donut cushions, cat cups and saucers and cookie monster mugs – this isn’t a safe place for impulsive shoppers.

    Every time we’re stuck on a quirky for our partner, we hit up their curated gifts section that covers every type of guy from the gym nut to the clumsy latecomer, and to the beer and sports’ enthusiast to the overgrown baby.

    Gifts under 1k and bar and party starters (move over, shot glasses) are our favourite categories.



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    Astronaut phone holders, foot hammocks, beard-catcher, bone pens, poop mugs, cosmetic organisers and shit tonnes of things you don’t need will make you love Bigsmall. Another bonus: They let you find gifts based on personality types including for travellers, superhero fans, unicorn lovers, gym nuts and more.

    If bae is into pop-culture, they'll love this one!

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    For most part, we avoid looking at Jaypore because we can barely resist their handloom saris (don’t worry if you’re broke, some weaves start at INR 2k) and chunky silver earrings that have a massive variety between ethnic and contemporary designs.

    If bae loves all things ethnice, Jaypore will sort you out with clothes, accessories and vintage collectibles. Doing uo the house? Their decor section is full of pretty bed linens, lamps and artwork that start at INR 590.

    To make the search less daunting, their special ‘gifts’ section will let you narrow down options (yes, they have those boring but safe gift cards also) 

    Oye Happy

    Oye Happy

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    If you’re one for novel experiences, Oye Happy is your one true friend. They’re catering to all kinds of merrymakers with their wide range of options. Get bae a cute LED cards or send them a handwritten letter. Oye’s range of gifts starts at INR 299!

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    The Black Box Co.

    In an attempt to subvert stereotypes, the founders have searched far and wide and hunted down gifts that’ll make a man happy. They promise none of the flowers-chocolates-and-brown-wallets stuff and give you the option of personalised boxes instead.

    With its personalised hip flasks, work accessories, a coffee box and a whole range of travel gear, The Black Box Co. is sorting so many of our gifting dilemmas. The whiskey box and the grooming kits with beard oils and more are pre-made and we love the assortment of products that go in them. If you're looking for an interesting anniversary gift, this might be just what you need. 


    From a romantic dinner by the pool to an evening under lit umbrellas or even a night in a forest cabin, we love CherishX for thinking of novel experiences for bae. This is a God-send for folks who struggle to think out of the box and are big on special moments. 

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    LBB Gift Store


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    Of course, we couldn't leave out LBB. If you're looking for an anniversary or birthday gifts for your partner, check out the LBB Gift Shop. There are Gifts For Him & Gifts For Her. You'll also find options for below INR 500 and a special INR 999 store if you're on a budget.

    Never forget a special day with our reminders, curated gift ideas and discounts.