Our Favourite Beaches In North Goa

The party capital of the country, known for the warm sun, tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea and a long stretch of sun-kissed beaches, Goa is just the place to unwind. For those planning their Goan getaway, here’s a list to help you explore and find yourself a slice of tropical paradise - these are our picks for the best beaches in North Goa by a long stretch. Read on...

Keri Beach

Also known as Querim Beach, this is the northmost top of Goa and is situated away from the tourist hubs. With a beautiful stretch of sand, you can also walk towards one end to see the state of Maharashtra on the other side of the backwaters. If you like to explore the unknown, a short trek through the hill on the other end will take you to Arambol beach. Keri is not too popular with the tourists, but you will find locals and fishermen enjoying by the coast. Since the waves here are quite strong and there is a steep decline right at the beginning, it’s not recommended for a swim unless you're a pro. 

Tourist Attractions

Querim Beach

Querim Arambol Agarwada Road, Querim, Goa


    Sinquerim Beach

    Sinquerim Beach is a short drive from Panjim, and is located right next to the bustling tourist zones of Baga and Calangute beaches. Relatively quieter and cleaner compared to its neighbours, this North Goa beach is known for its giant waves, coarse sand and opportunities for water sports. A peaceful stretch of sand that allows you to unwind, this beach is backed by green palms and the majestic Taj Fort Aguada. It's also a great spot to watch the sunsets, go cafe-hopping or try water sports. 

    Kalacha Beach

    Right next to Keri Beach, Kalacha Beach is a small and secluded stretch of sand that is a great spot for swimming. A sweet water lagoon makes it a scenic spot and since it’s not known by too many people, you won’t find many shacks here either. That said, homestays around the area are quite popular, or you can also take a day trip from the tourist hubs to enjoy some peace and quiet here. This beautiful North Goa beach is also known for paragliding and some magnificent sunsets. 

    Siridao Beach

    Siridao Beach is a coarse sand beach that is located in Panjim. It is popularly known as the beach of the shell collectors because this is where you can come across a plethora of oysters and pearl shells and it's safe to say that people staying close by love this beach in North Goa for its calm vibe. This easy to navigate to beach is only 8km from the main bus stand at Panjim. 

    Tip: The beach is also home to the Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth which is situated on top of a hill right on the beach. If you’d like to explore more, there are a lot of old caves carved out of stone that are a short hike away from here. 

    Candolim Beach

    One of the most popular and fun beaches in North Goa, Candolim Beach is seen buzzing with tourists throughout the year. During tourist season (Oct-Mar) the beach is lined with shacks and restaurants, and is a popular spot for tourists to hangout at. Since Candolim Beach is located right next to Calangute and Baga, you can expect to find a lot of bars and shacks that play Bollywood music here. If you wish to go for a dip, you can do so without fear as lifeguards man the beach at all times. 

    Here's a guide to the best resorts around Candolim

    Tourist Attractions

    Candolim Beach

    Aguada Siolim Road, Candolim, Goa


      Mandrem Beach

      Mandrem Beach is another one of North Goa's best beaches. Despite its proximity to the hugely popular Morjim beach, it remains quieter. Since it is not too well known, you’ll find empty stretches of sand where you can lie down for a nap, to read a book, or to even enjoy a picnic. You can swim here too. It’s a wide, open stretch of sand that doesn’t have too many shacks either, but you can always walk down towards Morjim to get yourself a pint or something to eat.

      #Tip- This beach is great for practicing yoga at any time of the day!

      Ozran Beach

      Ozran Beach is a quiet, small and tranquil beach located right next to Vagator Beach and is often called Small Vagator. It is a small coconut palms lined cove that is popular amongst locals and few travellers who wish to enjoy the calmness of nature in Goa. Take the stairs to climb up on to the cliff top, and sit back to enjoy the views of the sea and beach down below. There is a structure of Lord Shiva's face towards the left end of the beach. Ozran Beach is a kid friendly beach today and is a great spot to swim thanks to the rocks forming a natural lagoon. There are a lot of beach shacks here too.

      Fun Fact: Ozran Beach is where the hippie culture of 60s started in Goa!

      Tambduki Beach

      Tambduki is located right next to Ozran Beach in Vagator. If you walk down Ozran and cross the rocks to get behind the hill, you’ll reach Tambduki, also known as Big Vagator Beach. If you walk along the beach and follow the path up to the cliff, you can enjoy a great view of both the Small and Big Vagator beaches. There are a lot of stalls here, and people selling souvenirs. If you’re up for a little adventure, you can climb up the hill all the way up to the Chapora Fort! 

      Chapora Beach

      Chapora Beach is one of the best beaches in North Goa that is made famous by the Chapora Fort (the place where Dil Chahta Hai was shot!). Located only 10km from Mapusa, Chapora Beach is easily accessible by road, and is one of the hidden gems when it comes to beaches in Goa. White sand, coconut palms and calm blue waters make this a tranquil spot, and for those who want entertainment, the Chapora Main Street lies just a short walk away. This is a kid friendly beach, and there are enough options for dining around. 

      Bambolim Beach

      Bambolim beach is a hidden gem and can easily be included in the list of best beaches in North Goa. This secluded, serene, small beach is heaven for those who wish to break away from the crowd. Lined with coconut palms, it provides ample space to lie down and relax without the fear of getting disturbed. It’s almost like a private beach, where you don’t have any shopkeepers and tourists to bother you.