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Why Stop The Party? These Bars In Goa Are Open Through The Night

Curfews are boring. No one understands this better than these bars that are open through the night. So, we're letting you in on these haunts in Goa where the party never really ends. 

Located at Morjim, Koleso is one of the few 24 hour bars up north. With a beautiful view that looks out into the vast expanse of the sea, with direct beach access and an interesting backdrop with neon paintings, Koleso makes for a very interesting late night venue. Though the restaurant has a vast menu in terms of food, it’d be wise to not expect too much — the food is standard at best, both in terms of quality and quantity. Among the pros however, the place has decently good music and a bunch of friendly servers, all of which make it a nice spot to drink the night away.

Located in the heart of Vagator, Mango Tree is one restaurant that is teeming with travellers at almost all times of the day. It remains open from 9am to 5am, though after 4am, if you still are not ready to head back home, you are requested to shift to the bar stools by the roadside. Then again, the roadside bar-stools are probably the best thing about the restaurant. You will often find friends, old and new, sharing stories and laughter late into the night, while nursing their glass of beer. Moreover, beer on the tap for as low as 100 bucks is one of the best reasons to head to Mango Tree. The late night menu, is different from the day time menu, and though it's nothing to write home about, it's something that will satisfy those late night munchies.

This hard-to-miss restaurant in Candolim is a hit with the locals and a loyal gang of English folks who hang here every year. The place is always buzzing, with sometimes live music and pretty decent kebabs and North Indian fare. Seafood and craft beer and the prospect of not being asked to leave because it's too late, make it a good hangout for folks staying nearby. 

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