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With Unconventional & Offbeat Flavours! Check Out This Ice -Cream Parlour Asap

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What Makes It Awesome?

Two decades of strong industry presence churning out 1500 to 1900 litres of ice-cream per hour serving B2B clients should already give insights around how strong the product is. Dumont, the name behind this success have taken a step forward to rebrand, expand to reach the food consumers at affordable pricing but not compromising on the quality. Already buzzing around ice-cream & frozen dessert space of Hyderabad F & B, I wanted to try if it’s worth the hype.

Minimalistic yet intriguing rich décor with a decent seating space. 32 conventional & offbeat flavours in the display should be good enough I suppose to suit or be acceptable for different palates. A standard serving of 64gms with price ranging from 60INR to 80INR (for a single scoop) sounds value for money to me. They also have milkshakes on the menu which I am yet to try priced at 200inr approx.

With lots of enthusiasm to try all, was suddenly put off with the usage of plastic spoons for tasting as it would incur a considerable about of plastic wastage irrespective of the fact it's recyclable. So limited my choice of trail to couple of offbeat and very few usual flavors, off which Kheer (the best I can say), Dumont Chocolate (the next best definitely a recommended choice for chocolate lovers) , Orange chocolate (few spoons is fine but a whole scoop may turn boring or taste like orange chocolate cream biscuit), Jackfruit, strawberry & cheese, blueberry cheesecake (brilliant), muesli & nuts (I felt it good) were Good . Rich & creamier. I am waiting for their other signature flavours litchi & black ice cream to see how they would turn to.

Finally settled with Choco Orange & Jackfruit (NIP) some odd flavours from my recommendations. Don’t ask me why. It happened so. Had Dumont chocolate in my second visit.

Costed 180INR all together.

Overall I can say it is a very good move by Dumont and it will find its mark in the retail B2C market if the same consistency and quality grades are maintained.

From the mouth of the word (from a couple of them who I know and a couple of them whom I have recommended to try), I heard there was a little inconsistency in the standard serving size which should be taken care to have same customer experience.

Tip - The most scooper box would usually tend to be the most moving flavour.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids