Join The Wave Of Healthy Eating & Check Out This Restaurant Where Is Everything Is Millet Based

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What Makes It Awesome

At this point, we all know we should switch to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, so we're not going to be preachy about it. We're going to tell you about this unique restaurant in Madhapur that makes different types of South Indian dishes using millets. Ahobilam Foods - Millet Cave is a city secret. Don't go here expecting a fancy ambience, because this place is all about tasty and healthy food. They've got a village theme going on with folk art wall paintings, cane tables and chairs, weaved straw roof that will remind you of village houses. 

They've got two menus. One is their breakfast menu which is available from 7 am to 10:30 am, and the other one is their lunch and dinner menu. Obviously, everything here is organic and made with millets so you will notice dishes like Jonna Idly, Millet Puri, Ragi Paneer Dosa, Veg Fried Millet Rice, Akkura Curry, and Sambar Millet Rice. If you've not already picked up on the cue, this is a vegetarian restaurant. They also have Millet Thalis which is our pick. It comes with millet roti, millet rice, brown rice, two types of curries, dal, sambar, curd, and a dessert — everything healthy. 

So the next time you really want to gorge, but guilt-free, head here!