An Open Culture Centre for Hosting Events, Workshops & More In Banjara Hills!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Lamakaan, a well know the place for Hyderabadis. Lamakaan is known for their pocket-friendly menu and its the place where new enthusiastic people with wide activities can showcase their performance. Lamakaan is an open culture organisation. It is a non-profit organization where interested people can come up with their talents. The place will be scheduled up with events, events will be written on notice board at the entrance.

This is one such place in Hyderabad, which offers Hyderabadis favourite desi food, with much peace atmosphere. People come here with their office work, sit here with a cup of chai and do their work. Usually, the everyday place will be packed up with people. Even out of huge spacious seating, people stand outside and have their food, its that difficult to find a vacant table here.

Lamakaan food gives us a homely feel. They have a self-service system where we should take our order and while going back we should keep back that cutlery at one corner.

They serve the best nimbu paani along with other items. They have samosa, bajji, chai, sandwich, lunch menu and dinner is different. They have specified items for lunch and dinner.

Tasted from menu:-
Nimbu paani

Nimbu paani, this is so refreshing. Especially in summer, this kind of drinks is more essential.

U can have a tummy full, and the bill will be our pocket-friendly.😋

Lamakaan is closed on Mondays.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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