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Best Therapy: De-Stress With These Adorable Furballs At This Kennel

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What Makes It Awesome

Dealing with depression and stress can get easier, thanks to new age therapists. Why, yes — we're talking about four-legged furry saviours from Happy Dogs' Kennel in Khanapur, who will help you unwind like a boss. Looking for cuddly doggos who can cast a magic spell and make your day better instantly? Hit up Happy Dogs Kennel and book a pet therapy session ASAP. We had five furry friends come to our office on an unusually stressful day, and give us a ball of a time! Two Labradors, one Golden Retriever, a Dachshund, and a little Pomeranian pupper were the talk of the workplace for their antics and playfulness. From playing fetch to exchanging treats for hugs and clicking loads of pictures, these pets took away all our strain. Instead, running after them for an hour energised us. 

Pet therapy works extremely well not just to get rid of work pressure, but also for those dealing with depression and other disorders. For children who might be anti-social or be slow learners too, these animals warm up like no one else. So, trust these certified doggies to walk into your homes or workplaces and make life paw-some! We hear that a therapy session costs INR 500 upwards, depending on the number of dogs, time, and transportation requirements.