Wanna Try Hot Delicious Soup? We Got You Covered!

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What Makes It Awesome?

In the Frame: Hot and Sour Chicken Soup from Malnadu Kitchen. It's Raining almost every day, What do you crave to eat something piping hot during a Chill Climate? Well, my pick has to be a bowl of Soup.

Spicy, Flavourful and toothsome. What a great soup this was At Malnadu Kitchen. We started our dinner with Hot bowl of delicious soup. The chicken was soft, veggies were perfect, the spice level was amazing, strong taste of Pepper and chilli. Even the consistency was on point. One of the best soups I've had recently! Ended up having 2 bowls of this soup here. Simply loved it. A Must try!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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