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Empowering People With Learning Disabilities: This Artist Is Proving That Art Is For Everybody


    What Makes It Awesome

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Steve Jobs, and  Agatha Christie, do you know what do they have in common? Learning disability. People often neglect the plight of people who struggle with such a disability. No, they don't want your sympathy, they want your support and encouragement. Afrah Sameen, a resident of Hyderabad, is doing just that through art. 

    As someone who suffered from a learning disability called dyslexia herself, she understands the importance of understanding and motivating similar individuals. Because turning towards art helped her, she spreading awareness about dyslexia and how to deal with it the right through art workshops under her own brand, Artlexic. 

    Her area of expertise is glow-in-the-dark paintings, but her workshops are all about letting all the worries go and creating beautiful art with simple strokes. Because glow-in-the-dark is a tad bit difficult, she hosts these workshops for adults and acrylic workshops for kids. Making art even more therapeutic for those who are bogged down by society, she's making the neglected feel like heroes and we applaud her for that. There's no stopping her as she is conducting online workshops amidst lockdown. Follow her on Instagram and be updated about her upcoming events and commissioned work.