Buy Rugs, Poufs, Mirrors From Here & Turn Your Home's Style Up A Notch

    What Makes It Awesome

    In a time when Insta-friendly interiors are all the rage, Baariki comes as a fresh work of designs that can convert your space into a thriving ecosystem. We are not going to sugar-coat it for you but rather, focus on its detailing and hand created products.

    The brand has minimalist yet colourful options from rugs to poufs, mirrors to cushions, throws to trays. If you are looking for a modern setup or even, a boho-inspired décor, Baariki will not disappoint you. We totally recommend you to check out their flooring and seating that includes floor cushions and rugs with beautiful block prints ( INR 1,000 to INR 6,499), and their object section for scandium mirror (INR 1,899).

    So, if you're outfitting your home, check out this brand. Happy home decorating!