This 425-Year-Old Mourning Place In Ghansi Bazaar Is Worth Paying A Visit

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What Makes It Awesome

Hyderabad is a city that is known for its rich culture, heritage, and historical monuments. Badshahi Ashoorkhana is one of these gems. This place has a lot of visitors during the month of Ashoora where Shias come to mourn. There is no denying the fact that it is the architecture that grabs most of the attention. Hence, let's get into it.

The architecture with stone columns is exceptional in many aspects. The structure is built to detail. It is decorated with huge arches, enamelled tiles and gives you a glimpse of verses from the Quran. Talking about the layout, the various parts of the Ashoorkhana include Naqar Khana (drum house), Langar Khana (kitchen), Guard rooms, among others. The main building, structured as a pavilion with walls on three sides, encloses a platform where alams (a symbolic representation of the martyrs) are displayed during Muharram. Wondering about the exact location? It's hardly 100 metres away from the Naya Pul, bang opposite the Madina Building.

But the sad part is that it is showing signs of wear and tear and the government is not doing much to preserve this beauty.


To make the trip more memorable, embark on the walking trail from Charminar to Badshahi Ashurkhana and get acquainted with the golden history of Hyderabad. Also, it is advisable to dress comfortably and conservatively.