Festive Season? Treat Yourself To Some Baklava Varieties At This Sweet Shop!

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What Makes It Awesome?

BAKLAVA, is a sweet dish which originates from the Middle East. It is made with loads of layers of pastry sheets, covered with butter and has a wide variety of flavour stuffings, mostly dry fruits. To make it even more amazing, hot sugar syrup is poured over it.

KUNAFA or KANAFEH, is also a middle Eastern sweet dish and is made by layering of thin roasted and buttered vermicelli noodles along with a super amazing filling of a mixture of cream cheese and whipped cream. Hot sugar syrup is then poured over it after that.

Nowadays, there are a lot of varieties and versions of baklava and kunafa in the market, and by far, GOURMET BAKLAVA has done pure justice to every variety. They have many different types of baklava, such as: NEST Baklava, LADYFINGER Baklava, ALMOND and CASHEW Baklava, etc.

Their MasterChef, Mujahed Alsaafen @mujahed_alsaafen_chef makes these mind-blowing Kunafa. We had CHEESE KUNAFA (Rs. 250), NUTELLA KUNAFA (Rs. 350), and BLUEBERRY KUNAFA. My personal favourite being the traditional Cheese one. The chef is really humble and sweet, and the rest of the staff is also very welcomingšŸ„°. Seriously telling you all, if you get a chance, do visit Gourmet Baklava in Sarath City mall, Hyderabad.

They also have assorted boxes, ranging from Rs. 1300 - Rs. 1800 (based on weight), which you can give as a gift to your family and friendsā¤ļø. So let's celebrate this festive season with Gourmet Baklava.

How Much Did It Cost?

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Best To Go With?

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