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Bhetki Paturi To Chops: These Restaurants Are Serving Up The Best Bengali Food

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If you've been craving a plate of luchi, aloor dum, macher jhol in Hyderabad, there are some great options. From cloud kitchens to proper dine-in restaurants, authentic Bengali food is now easily available in the city. More than before. So, we've decided to try out some and then tell you what we've loved! 

Here's a list of the best Bengali restaurants in Hyderabad. 


Rannaghar in Lingampally is known for its delicious starters. From chops and rolls to bhajas and mains — there are so many Bengali dishes for you to gobble down. Start with Mutton Chop, Dimer Devil and then eat up Ghugni or Luchi Alu Dum. Rannaghar serves up Bengali biryanis too. Go for Mutton Biryani or Illish Pulao and pair them with Murgi Kosha. Crowd favourites like Bhetki Paturi, Ilish Bhapa, and Mutton Kheema with Aloo are must-try! 


Tucked away inside Ramakrishna Math in Domalguda, Amantran has been around for a while. Three things that you must absolutely eat here: Ruhi Thali, Alu Posto, and Egg Moglai Paratha. Known for its pocket-friendly dishes, Amantran offers lots of thalis like Mutton Thali, Pabda Thali, Egg Thali, and more. With special parcel boxes like Luchi With Aloor Dum Box, Special Egg Thali Box, Special Mughlai Thali Box. Cannot do without seafood? From pomfrets to hilsha — there's a lot to try. They also make snacks like chops, singaras, Vetki Fish Fry, etc.

Sarkar's Kitchen

Once you try the Kosha Mangsho, Doi Machh, and Aloo Potol Dalna at Sarkar's Kitchen, you won't stop going back. Located in two locartions — Madhapur and Kondapur — this one's our constant whenever we're craving Bengali dishes. Whether it's seafood or mutton, there is plenty for you to pick from at this simple restaurant. Looking for snacks? Go for Bhetki Fish Chops or Chicken Cutlets. Also, they've got a wide range of meal combos that you've got to try!

Oh! Dish Kitchen

Oh! Dish Kitchen is located in Madhapur and it's known for its Full Fish Thali. If you're looking for vegetarian Bengali dishes, you've got to try Oh! Dish's Cholar Dal, Ghugni, Begun Bhaja, Aloo Dum. Meat lovers, go for Chicken Jhol, Doi Maach, Ilish Bhapa, and Mutton Kheema Fry. Apart from authentic Bengali dishes, these folks serve up continental dishes too. While you're at it, don't forget to dig into Fish Kabiraji, Egg Chop, Chicken Samosa. End your meal with Rosogolla or Chenapoda.

Kolkata House

Kolkata House in Kondapur is yet another Bengali restaurant that serves pocket-friendly meals. If you work in and around the tech belt, you've got to grab a meal here. Three things to try here — Ruhi Fish Masala, Vetki Jhol, and Mutton Kosha Thali. Their Mixed Biryani is loaded with meat, prawns and a true delight for any non-vegetarian. The noodles remind you of street style Kolkata noodles and their chops like Mocha Chop, Mughlai Parantha, and Chicken Chatpata are great evening snacks. Also, the menu is quite exhaustive.