Are You Even A Coffee Lover If You Haven't Visited These Cafes In Town?

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It seems that great ideas start with great coffee! Sipping on our Iced Coffee at a Starbucks, we’ve been procaffeinating and thinking of all the better coffee houses in town. Caffeine addicts and coffee snobs, here’s where you could go to have your fix of a hug in a mug.

Roastery Coffee House

This bungalow-turned-coffee-house is the place for coffee lovers in the city. The interiors and outdoor seating at this place are absolutely charming, and their pour-overs are the best we’ve had. If you know your coffee well and enjoy some fresh brews served hot, this place is for you. Their Monsoon Malabar brew is made from the world’s most sought after Indian coffee beans. Oh, the tantalising aroma of these sun-dried beans from the Malabar coast. Apart from this, you also get all kinds of coffee, and ice-cream blends here.


This aesthetic café with it’s massive scrabble board and coffee bar will make you want to stay here all day. Their French Press that comes with a dash of caramel and pure hazelnut blend is a must have! You should also try their Kopi Luwack {the most expensive coffee in the world} if it is available. Go here for a coffee experience like no other.

Café Eclat

There is a lot that can go wrong with coffee; but not at Café Eclat. Here, you can sit by the window and observe the busy crowd, or even go for a coffee date with bae. Grab some Belgian Waffles and a latté, already! You can also add your choice of cookie/biscotti or go for coffee with soy milk/ lactose free milk here.

Gossip Coffee Shop

This tiny coffee shop in Madhapur has the most ravishing filter coffee. Served to you in small and large sizes, for prices as cheap as INR 25 — this coffee is will get you addicted if you aren’t already. They also have black coffee and green coffee that you can pair with a double masala Maggi for an evening snack!

Café 115

Another small but absolute stunning cafe is the one right under Oakwood Residency. Café 115 is decked up with nice lighting, quirky walls and variety of seating. But, what will really make you revisit this place time and again is its coffee. Choose from cappuccino to espresso and drink it from a cute plastic cup.

Coffee Cup

Need some coffee and book time? Head to Coffee Cup in Secunderabad. Order from their lavish menu — be it for food or drinks. They have a list of coffees that include Cinnamon Dust Latte, and Good Americano. Enjoy your caffeinated sips and some amazing views here, or just go with your squad for a karaoke evening and a cup of joe!

Sentido Coffee Brewers

The newest kid on the block — Sentido — is full of caffeine surprises. We asked for a pour over, an AeroPress, siphon, and a cappuccino. They were brewed right in front of us, and we loved our pour over — light like breeze, but it was siphon that took the glorious coffee walk.

The Big Cup Theory

Located in Madhapur, The Big Cup Theory is a quaint cafe that's screams of ceiling-high fairy lights, hand-painted walls, corners with books and typewriters, and a lofty red brick wall with little knick-knacks picked from Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar. We were told the coffee is roasted in-house, so we proceeded to try the Irish Black Coffee and Dark Chocolate Spiced Mocha. While the black coffee had no rum, it still tasted nearly authentic but it was the mocha that took the glory walk. Spicy, chocolatey, and a smooth texture, it wins a nod from us.