Move Beyond Basic Popsicles & Try Stickhouse For Some Different Ones

    Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

    What Makes It Awesome

    I remember the first time I tried the first stick ice cream {mango flavoured} and years later, I had the same feeling when I tasted stick icecreams at The Stickhouse in Banjara Hills. The outlet is really small so it would be better if you opt for takeaway and enjoy the desserts outside. Stickhouse is an Italian brand that opened its outlet in Hyderabad a year ago. They have amazing options in sticks like chocolate, fruits {seasonal}, coffee etc. They serve over 25 flavours in stick ice creams. Apart from that, they also serve shakes in the same flavours. Their mixed fruits shake, which was really refreshing, is an amalgamation of 7 flavours of fruits blended into one shake. Since I am a coffee lover, I requested them to make a coffee shake and it tasted really nice. Coming to the sticks, I first started off with the pistachio flavoured stick dipped in dark chocolate and topped with pistachios. The stick had a very dominating chocolate flavour and I couldn't really taste the pistachio in it. I also tried the chocolate ice cream which is normally topped with milk chocolate. This tasted pretty good. The next was the chocolate stick Merenda. This is a chocolate sponge cake and topped with extra almonds. This cake was delightful and made my palate really happy. From the fruit flavours, watermelon was my next favourite. The Lemon mint stick which was sour and I didn't like the way it tasted. Their service was really great and the staff was very efficient.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    INR 500 - INR 1000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Bae, and Kids
      Banjara Hills, Hyderabad