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Pluck With Precision! These Tweezers Are The Best Buys Of 2020


    This year is about staying at home as much as we can. For us, for others. But at the same time, we want to see ourselves groomed. So, if you want your eyebrows to be bushy but arched or thin or want to remove the unwanted hair, tweezers will do the job. Check this list. It’s handy and won’t put a strain on your budget.

    Curved Eyelash Extension Tweezer

    LHI Slant Tip Tweezer Plucker Black


    A basic tweezer with slant tip that can grab super fine eyebrow hair with ease. No kidding. You'll never miss that little baby hair again. It is easy to hold and not at all complicated to use.

    Spring Remover Threading Tool

    Zollyss Manual Facial Hair Remover Tweezer


    This spring tweezer is the easy way to remove facial hair from the root. Yes, it can be a bit painful (initially) but as you continue the journey with this specific tweezer, you’ll start loving it. You have to just bend it with both hands to an upside-down U and start twisting the tweezer with both hands with an upward movement. The hair strands will be pulled out and the result will last for weeks.

    Facial Hair Spring Tweezer

    GOHO Facial Hair Removal Tweezer


    Same concept but a different look. This will cleanly pull every hair from the root, rather than snapping it at the surface. So, if you want to remove the chin hair, this is your best bet.

    Tweezer Combo Kit

    Kelly Hair & Blackhead Removal Combo Kit


    Ensure you always have the right tool on hand, whether plucking or removing, with this three-piece set that comes with a spring tweezer, plucker and a blackhead remover (an added bonus). It is a convenient package to address all your grooming needs on the go.

    Brows Flat Tip Tweezer

    Colorbar Wow Brows Flat Tip Tweezer


    This flat tip tweezer is good for grabbing a lot at once. So, if you want to go one strand at a time, this is not for you. However, with this one, you can also keep ingrown hair in check and apply false lashes.

    Classic Square Tip Tweezer

    VEGA Classic Tweezer Square Tip TW-05 Pack Of 2


    Sharp, sleek, and strong. That’s the picture you get when you imagine a good pair tweezers, just like this one. Perfect for your make-up bag, this gold stainless steel pair will give you control to style your eyebrows into a shape that you want while tweezing the strays.

    Face & Body Hair Threading Tweezers

    Dix Eyebrow Face and Body Hair Threading Tweezers


    This one has a twisted thread loops that can remove hair from the follicle. Just hold the thread exactly like a professional beautician and perform the threading on your own! Plus, it is a painless hair removal method.