Earrings To Wall Decor: This 52-Year-Old Store Has Gorgeous Bidriware

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Located on the main road of Gunfoundry, Bidri Crafts is an unassumingly quaint store that has plenty of surprises in store. Saunter into the store and find yourself surrounded by Bidri handicrafts like earrings, cufflinks, wall hangings, and more. Founded in the 1970s by G.K. Siddiqui, this is the first store that brought Bidri crafts to the forefront in Hyderabad. This Iranian craftwork originated in Bidar, but the craft found its abode in Hyderabad. Siddiqui started this store along with his own studio in King Koti where the designers model and create the artefacts that predominantly use gunmetal or silver as the base. If you’re looking for something that’s unavailable in their catalogue, you can get them customized too. This store has loyal customers counting on them for the home decor products. 

    You have a choice to pick from their offerings of authentic coffee & tea sets, hookah sets, visiting card holders, wall hangings, jewellery boxes, and even keychains. We picked a pair of earrings (more like black metal studs) at INR 200 and keychains at INR 100. We also love their coffee and tea sets that come along with cezve, coffee pot specifically designed for Turkish coffee which are must-haves for your home. These are priced at INR 1,850 and are an absolute steal at the price. We also love the wall hangings for their minimalistic appeal – priced at INR 500 upwards, these can add charm to plain walls. If you’re someone who thrives on collectibles or a connoisseur of all things classical, then you should absolutely make a visit to this store.


    Bidri Crafts also customises and crafts products according to your preference. We recommend having a chat with them.

      Available Online