On A Good Weather Day, Drive Down To This Cafe Pinterest Worthy Cafe For Comfort Food

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What Makes It Awesome

Remember when Bitcoins were all the rage? Yes, that was a few years ago but there's a cafe in Kompally that hoped to be one of the first cafes in the country to accept bitcoins as a currency. Though that is not going to happen any time soon, we checked out Bitcoin Caffee, and our first reaction was "OMG, so cute!"

It's a three-floor house that turned into a cafe and the decor looked like it was inspired by the docks (that's what we feel). The ground floor minimum seating but the set-up is pretty as a painting. Colourful and lively with swings, it's perfect to sit down and get some work done in peace. Go upstairs for a smaller seating area in the open on the first floor, and a covered rooftop space on the last floor. We sat in their rooftop section which looked like it was straight out of Pinterest.

Funky sofas, bean bags, colourful chairs, artificial grass flooring, and fairy lights — this place is lit. If you're someone who eats out alone, you can grab the book corner and find a buddy for your meal. Coming to food, their menu was pretty basic. We ordered a Mexican Pizza, BBQ Chicken Meatballs, Chicken Sausage Sandwich, and Chicken Spaghetti. The food was served hot and spicy according to our liking. While you're at it, do give their omelettes a try which was suggested to us by the chef. Though the food is basic, if you're in a mood to go on a drive, this place might just do the trick for you. Would we call this place Insta-worthy? Yes!

What Could Be Better

The menu was pretty basic so we wanted to check out their chef specials. Though it was mentioned in the menu, we were told that it's not always available. That was a bummer.

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000

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Big Group, Bae