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Ci Gusta's Newly Launched Breakfast Menu Is A Stunner

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What Makes It Awesome?

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast" and why wouldn't it? After all, it's the most important meal of the day, and Ci Gusta has gotten this point just right! Dishing up some all-time favorites and a few dishes with their quirky modern twists, Ci Gusta's newly launched breakfast menu is a stunner!

I was here on a Saturday morning. The place was bright, fresh and was exactly what you'd need on a lazy weekend morning to pump you up for the rest of the day. A hot cup of coffee welcomed me and there was no looking back! I tried almost everything they had to offer on the new breakfast menu and I must say I was super impressed!

I started my break-feast with their homemade granola and warm milk. Packing up the goodness of coconut oil, almond flakes and coconut chips, this power-packed bowl was just the perfect way to start the meal! The granola was fresh and crunchy and was naturally sweetened without the need for any additional sweetness.  I then tried their Vegetarian and English breakfast platters. While the classic English version came with the regulars - fried eggs, sausage, baked beans, hash browns, sauteed mushrooms and toast, the herbivore version came with an intuitive "Veg Omelette". It was an oomph-ed up besan ka cheela that tasted very similar to the real one. Kudos to the team for adding this to their menu! One other thing that caught my attention was their hash browns. Unlike the deep-fried patties that we are used to, their version had smaller chunks of potatoes and crunchy sauteed peppers that made it a lot lighter and flavorful.

While I finished the platters came in their specialties - Foxtail Millet Upma, Quinoa Hash cake and Chicken Chorizo.  The chicken chorizo had a chicken sausage on a bed of onion and tomato sauce and was topped with a fried egg. The sausage by itself was very well flavored and the tangy sauce balanced with the richness of the egg went really well with it. MUST TRY! The quinoa hash cake was a pleasant surprise! Hearty quinoa cakes crumb fried to perfection served on a bed of spicy bean stew with a cheese sauce this dish was an absolute winner! The quinoa patties were soft and fried to golden perfection, and the aptly spiced stew was a perfect companion for the rich quinoa cakes. MUST TRY! If you are in the mood for something more old-school, the foxtail millet upma is what you should look at. A healthy alternative to the regular upma, this version cooked in vegetable stock and loaded with chunky vegetables is sure to hit the right spot. The tangy tomato chutney served alongside elevates the rather "healthy" dish. I found the millets to be a little bitter for my liking.

I ended the meal with the sweet dishes on the menu. Bubble waffles, pancakes, french toast and parfait made it to the party.  My top pick among these was the parfait. Fresh fruit, granola, chilled yogurt. What more can one ask for?! The bubble waffles came with a blueberry compote that was perfectly sweet and tart. The problem though was with the waffle itself. It had quite a few crusty (almost burnt) areas and was not very pleasing on the palate. The pancakes seemed a little too dense for my liking. The french toast tasted decent but smelled of raw egg. The garnish on all the sweet dishes too was the same - granola, fresh cream and fruit. 

Overall, the savory side of the menu seemed a lot more polished in comparison to the sweeter counterpart.  All in all, with some very minor improvements, Ci Gusta, the icon for froyos and gelatos in the city, is all set to make their mark in the breakfast arena as well!  The service was very friendly and professional. The ambiance, as usual, was on point.

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