Ultimate Guide To Finding Biryani At INR 100 Upwards

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If there is one thing that Hyderabad is famous for, all over the country, it is the biryani. But biryani doesn't have to be expensive always, right? Especially when you're broke. Here is our bucket list of biryani joints, that serve up biryani INR 100 upwards.

Alpha Hotel

You might have spotted Alpha Hotel near Secunderabad Railway Station and allow us to tell you it's not your regular biryani joint. It is often super crowded and extremely popular for its chicken and mutton biryani priced at INR 100 per plate. It is served with tasty and tangy salaan. Next time, you visit Secunderabad Railway Station, make sure to visit this place, try their biryani and baked goods with Irani chai.

Durga Restaurant

Durga Restaurant located in Suraram is a hidden gem of a restaurant, that serves delicious, super hygienic biryani in large quantities. This restaurant serves one of the best biryanis in Suraram and their chicken biryani priced at INR 110 and mutton biryani is INR 130. If you study in Malla Reddy or any colleges in this area, you might want to cross this one off your list.

Maa Ooru Biryani

Maa Ooru Biryani from Kukatpally, is making all the difference with how it's serving up its biryani. Yup, the food is served on fresh banana leaves and the cutlery is also made from leaves, giving the place a rural atmosphere and ambience. The Chicken Donne Biryani is priced at INR 19 and is one of the best donne biryanis available in Hyderabad. Though the biryani is the star, there are other great dishes like Mirapakay Kodi, that are worth trying. 

Prince Hotel

One popular hotel, that is everywhere in the news and food groups hood now, is the Prince Hotel located in Mehdipatnam. The place serves different kinds of biryani, and they are super crowded during lunch hours. The chicken biryani is priced at INR 120 and a single plate is priced a whopping INR 60 only. Try this or go for a mandi which is a treat to your bellies. Especially if you're going with a big group.

Alhamdulillah Hotel

One place that gets its biryani right is the Alhamdulillah Hotel in Nampally. If biryani is an emotion for you, you ought to try biryani from this hotel. The Chicken Biryani is priced at INR 120, Prawn Biryani at INR 140 and Egg Biryani at INR 100. Plus, their kebabs go really well with biryani.

Hotel City Diamond

This no – fancy, no – fussy place in Mehdipatnam serves biryani from dawn to dusk. It is open on all days and boasts one of the finest and cheapest biryani in Mehdipatnam. If you craving some late-night biryani, this is your place. The chicken biryani is priced at INR 180. They also make amazing bagara rice which is worth a try. 

Hotel Rumaan

We saved the best and our favourite for the last. One needs no introduction to the food in Charminar and Hotel Rumaan definitely makes to the list of top budget biryani places in Hyderabad. Regardless of what time and which season you choose to go, they serve piping hot and delicious biryani. The place might not be the best when it comes to the ambience but is an absolute winner when it comes to the taste of the food. The Mutton Masala Biryani is priced at INR 110, Chicken Biryani at INR 140 and the Chicken Masala at INR 120. Don’t miss this place on your next trip to Charminar.