Jazz Up Your Dining Table With Colourfully Artistic Ceramic Dinnerware

    What Makes It Awesome

    We’re living in a time where dinnerware is almost as important as the food presented on it, be it dinner plates, serving bowls or mugs. Now that most of us are embracing a homebody lifestyle, it’s nice to be more invested in our living space and the decor. Olive Home Accents is an online home decor brand specializing in ceramic dinnerware. What makes this brand special is that they claim to have a new collection every 7-10 days making your purchase almost unique (Oh! the joy of owning something that's not mass-produced). 

    The recent collection by Olive Home Accents was full of pastels and bright colours, all of which we wish had (if we had the shelf space). You can replace all your basic white plates with this brand's ceramic grainy white plate and bright coloured bowl set. If you’re looking for an artistic mug for your beer, check out their beer mugs priced at INR 900 for two. 

    The dinnerware is affordable too starting from INR 100 onwards. A minimum order of INR 500 for pan India shipping.