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Spend Your Weekend With Some Sumptuous Food & Live Music

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ambience- So this place called chemistry is in jubilee hills. The best part of this place is it has live music and the interior is very good. There is a live bar also.

Mango basil colada
Chocolate martini
Pina colada
Orange basil colada
Whiskey sour
Classic mojito 
Blue lagoon

Among the drinks, I liked the orange basil and mango basil colada. Along with the exotica.

Cream of celery - The cream of celery soup is the soup which is made of celery and cream. This was very good.
Chicken Manchow soup - The manchow soup was perfectly spiced up and the noodles were crispy.
Grilled fish salad - The grilled fish was served with the veggies and then tossed with olive oil.
Chicken pineapple salad - Have you ever tried the chicken with a fruit. That too with pineapple.
Fire in the hole - The fire in the wall is a non-veg dish which was very spicy and good in taste
Beetroot kebab - Beetroot kebab was sweetish in taste but was perfect served along with mint chutney
Chemistry fish bite with physics dip - This is one of their house special in which the fish is made in the form of cutlets and then roasted two sides and served with a dip.
Adaraki chicken tikka - The Adaraki chicken tikka is the chicken tikka which was marinated and then roasted with the garlic.
Crispy corn - The crispy corn was spicy and good.
Lotus stem and crispy water chestnut - This is the show stopper, this lotus stem, and crispy water chestnut was crispy and juicy at the same time.
 Chicken gramolica- Chicken was the grilled chicken served along with gravy and salad.
Kaju beer butterfish - Kaju beer butterfish was so soft and the outer layer is was crisp. The beer and the butter combination was very good.
Mixed meat fried rice - The fried rice was prepared along with chicken, mutton and prawns which was perfect.
Vegetable noodles - The noodles were served along with the vegetable gravy which was a good combo. 
Fish satay - The fish was made in the form of kebabs and then deep-fried and is served along with a dip 
Grilled prawns - The prawns were grilled and served along with mayo with which was spicy.
Chicken Alfredo pasta - The Alfredo pasta was served with the white sauce and had chunks of chicken and veggies. 
Veg Alfredo pasta - The Alfredo pasta was prepared with the white sauce pasta and had lots of veggies.

Hot chocolate brownie - The chocolate brownie was fluffy and was served along with.

Staff and service- we would like to thank mr.narsimha for taking care of everything and hosting us.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids