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What Makes It Awesome?

The filled baozi (Or Baos) is a variation of different Baos, was invented by military strategist Zhuge Liang from China. In many Chinese cultures, these buns are a popular food, and widely available, While they can be eaten at any meal, baozi is often eaten for breakfast. They are also popular as a portable snack or meal, The dish has also become commonplace throughout various regions of South East Asia due to longstanding Chinese immigration.

Due to the long history of Chinese overseas diaspora in Malaysia, the Malays have adopted these buns as their own. A particularly Malay form of the baozi (called pau in Malay) is filled with potato curry, chicken curry or beef curry that are similar to the fillings of Malay curry puffs.

Featuring here is the Kung Pao Chicken Bao from Proxy Bar and Café. The bao was soft, Fluffy with a great stuffing of Chicken which was finely chopped, tossed in spices, garlic and Caramelized onions. A little twist, they added Fried Peanuts which gave a Crunch taste on top. Absolutely delicious