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This Brand Is Making Delicious & Healthy Vacuum Fried Snacks

    What Makes It Awesome

    Reaching out for snacks is inevitable. So why not reach out for something healthy? Chopinz is one of the best Indian brands to make vacuum fried healthy chips. Ever since we tried their Okra Chips, we couldn't stop ourselves from hoarding bags of 'em! Delicious, light and yet filling — these snacks will make your evening chai more fun. Before you start hoarding those okra chips, allow us to introduce more flavours. 

    They've got the good old beetroot and delicious sweet potatoes that we totally recommend. Want to try something offbeat? Go for their garlic chips (whaaaat!). And then there are jackfruit and mango chips too. Sounds fun, right? And the best part is they're available on LBB. So start hoarding, you!