CoKarma Will Take Your Dream Workspace And Make It Into A Reality!

    What Makes It Awesome

    If we had a dime for the time we find ourselves low on motivation, we would be billionaires by now. Working from home may seem non inspiring or the nearby restaurant may be too busy for your startup meetings. Do you also agree that a change of scenery for inspiration would be lovely? Yes? CoKarma will bring you co-working spaces as unique as you (literally!)

    CoKarma, launched in 2014 and relaunched in 2018, is delivering high quality, effective and inspiring co-working spaces to let creativity take flight. They started out with the intention to meet the high demand of co-working spaces in Hyderabad and now, are spread all around the hotspots of the city with almost 560 seats. They have achieved in establishing an inspiring community of  investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups, laying the foundation of success as they grow, at extremely nominal rates. Oh - and wait there's more, CoKarma conducts several workshops and events like poetry and calligraphy workshops to bring these beautiful diverse minds together. To top it all off, CoKarma is also offering customised workspaces just for you - It's a ride you just can't miss! 


    Their workspaces are literally #workviewgoals with a clear view of Durgam Cheruvu Lake and Botanical Garden (We saw and it was majestic!) They also offer huge conference rooms, private cabins and simple work desks with creative and minimalistic styling.


    CoKarma offers high speed internet alongside top-notch working equipment like projectors, printers etc. and other office supplies which fits perfectly with their creative workspace. They also have a mobile app through which CoKarma community members can connect with each other, book meeting rooms and even post their hiring or project requirements. Bringing people together like a boss!


    Their high class hospitality is the one you should look out for. They have a well equipped kind staff available whenever you need them. They also offer free visiting for you to get familiar with the space. In addition, safety of their members is their top priority. All their centres follow social distancing, temperature checks, compulsory mask, and regular sanitation.

    Pro Tip:

    CoKarma makes sure you feel a new surge of creativity while co-working and creates a workspace specially for you where nothing feels impossible. A workspace where you can grow and learn with others and do more than you ever could. With CoKarma, co-working might just become your thing. Head onto their Facebook and Instagram page to take a deeper look into their workspace.