For Desserts & Bread: This Patisserie In Film Nagar Is Worth Visiting

    Film Nagar, Hyderabad

    What Makes It Awesome

    For the love of coffee and dessert, Concu in Film Nagar delivers, and then some! We'd call it dainty and dandy — with a range of breads, coffee that can be paired with choicest of desserts, and ambience that's all about natural light — you'd want to be here for a while and soak in the colours.

    Picturing this as a perfect date spot, walk in to find a dessert counter and a seating area that leads you to more. Pick either the outdoor seating area or go for the one right under a glass ceiling (our favourite, fo sho) with pastel colours splashed on its walls. Big group? You've got to go for the private-room sort of set-up.

    Go for a Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pizza, and quickly move on to desserts. We've tried Tres Leches (goodness gracious!) and Chocolate Framboise — happening raspberries meet dark chocolate. One bite and you're walking straight into a food coma. 

      Film Nagar, Hyderabad