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Banana Split Crepes To Chocolate French Toast: Order In Gooey Goodness

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What Makes It Awesome

Festivities are still in the air — at least that's what Crumbcoat deceives you into believing. Serving up the melt-in-your-mouth sort of crepes, French toasts, and pancakes — we almost regret taking months for discovering it. 

A good French toast is hard to come by, and one that's perfectly golden, even harder. Luckily, Crumbcoat takes pride in it and offers three types of French toasts. Our personal favourite is the Nutella Cream Cheese French Toast and honestly, we still remember the first bite. The puffy cream cheese goes extremely well with Nutella. Classic favourites like pancakes and waffles, but with a twist, is what Crumbcoat offers. It's still Christmas with their Welcome Santa Pancake (red velvet pancake topped with white chocolate and green coloured sprinkles) and The Pine Tree (green-coloured waffle stuffed with white chocolate and red coloured sprinkles). You won't stop Instagram-ing these sweet treats. 

Pancake lovers, you'll be lost in some sort of heaven. And a good one at that. With Crumbcoat offering more than 10 types of pancakes, you'll also have a tough time deciding between Peanut Butter Banana Oats Pancake and Death By Chocloate Pancake. Plus, their Chocolate Banana Oats Pancake is a wicked match made in heaven. Don't deny yourself this! 

But if you prefer the slimmer bro — crepes, you've got options too. Banana Split Crepes are worth digging into, and perfect midnight snack if you're watching a romantic comedy. Otherwise, just go for Belgian Dark Chocolate Crepe and you'll have no regrets. Just like pancakes, they've got more than 10 types of waffles too. Which means you can eat up whatever your mood demands. Sweet joy! 


The best part is everything is available throughout the day. If, like us, you love eating waffles for dinner, order in. Unless they are sold out. We've noticed French Toasts and some waffles do get sold out by 6pm so catch them early and nice, fam.