Have You Visited This 92-Year-Old Pen Store In Begumpet?

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What Makes It Awesome

Founded in 1928, The Deccan Pen Store is probably the first store in the twin cities that started selling pens of international brands. With more than thousands of pens, this iconic store specializes in fountain pens, handmade pens, and has a dedicated repair section for pens.

Catch your breath as you walk into the store where pens are stacked in every direction. Get enamoured by the charming quill pens with an intricate carving. Stare in wonder at the Visconti and Monte Verde pens. Walk a little further and give a knowing nod to the familiar Parkers, Watermans, and Cross pens. You, my friend, have stepped into a store that has a legacy of 92 years. Haleem A. Siddiqui, the owner of The Deccan Pen Stores, fondly recalls the time when his father, Sahib A. Siddiqui, originally from Allahabad, moved to Hyderabad. He started his business with the license of Duofold and Sheaffer, which he sold door to door. In no time, he opened his first store in Abids, which began to sell the most exquisite and expensive pens in the world. One corner of the store proudly holds a black and white picture of the first store at Abids along with a poster of one of the earliest fountain pens produced by Waterman. As the third generation of the family takes care of the store, at the helm of it, we believe, is their unwavering hope that more people will pick the art of writing with a pen.

Deccan has a tremendous collection of pens ranging from INR 3 to 3,50,000. While the newer brands like Cello, ADD Gel have forayed into the store, Deccan’s specialty lies in its handmade unbreakable pens (priced INR 1,050 upwards) and a collection of fountain pens and pencils that are imported from Germany, Turkey, the USA, and more. 


They admit their repair section is truly the backbone of the store where pens are sent from different countries. Sometimes, it takes even a month or two to repair a pen as parts of the pen are flown in from another continent altogether. While their handmade pens are favourites with writers, advocates, pen collectors, etc. we think the soul and essence of the store is their passion for restoring the writing instruments.