Fasak People With Surprise: We're Loving All The Tees From This Telugu Clothing Brand

What Makes It Awesome

Telugu Prajallara, wear your heart on your sleeves, literally, via this online clothing store called Ded Dimaag. From PubG merch to stuff engineers can relate to, they've got quirky text-tees for all. There was always Bewakoof, but we're glad we have a local brand that does punny Telugu tees for men and women.

Is playing PubG with your gang one of your rituals? They have a whole collection dedicated to all you Pochinki freaks such as "Pochinki Podama?" and "Samarame". Do Telugu movie dialogues run through your mind in everyday situations? Say it out loud by wearing it on your tee. We're talking about tees that say "Dabidi Dibide", "Naa Life Naa Ishtam", and "Fasak" amongst many others.

Andamaina ammayilu, rock their "Rowdy Baby" and "Pakka Local" tees on all your casual days. They have other collections for IPL fanatics, all our mandu babulu out there, and solid tees as well. Well, what more can we say? We laugh out loud every time we see a Ded Dimaag shirt. Try out their clothing line and be a conversation starter.