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A Woman Who Dons Many Hats, This Hyderabadi Teaches Women To Ride Geared Bikes

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Ladies, have you ever wanted to learn driving geared bikes and wander away to distant lands? Deepa Radhakrishnan who runs Gearspot is most definitely your saviour. 

What Makes It Awesome

It's not every day you meet someone like Deepa, who is the founder of Gearspot, and the co-founder of Tangy Sessions — a platform that brings out art and original music. As someone who is also actively engaged in Sofar Sounds, Hyderabad United Bikers, and multiple good causes around the city, she also holds a 9-5 job. Deepa has done a piloting course on Cessna 172 and has flown for over 100 hours. This isn't where the interesting things about her end, as she teaches women how to ride a geared bike. Yup, for real! On discovering just a handful of female bikers at bikers meetups across the country, she got the show on the road by teaching at least 3-4 women every month. These classes are designed around bike riding, and Deepa also gives a hands-on guidance on basic maintenance. These classes are priced at INR 6,000 for six classes which run for an hour, a class. The training is usually done on Yamaha RX 100, Honda Unicorn, and Royal Enfield Standard 500, and towards the end, women aren't just comfortable riding the bike, they feel empowered too.

So, ladies, don that helmet and leather jacket and learn to ride in style. 


Deepa is learning to play Didgeridoo — an Australian aboriginal instrument. Want to have profound conversations about music and art? Deepa is your gal!