Reach The Needy: Find Places Where You Can Donate Clothes For Children In Hyderabad

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We've all got clothes that we don't wear anymore. It could be a t-shirt that you've stopped wearing or a pair of pants that don't fit. So instead of discarding them, donate these clothes to someone who needs it. To help you manage your pile of clothes better, we have compiled a list of organisations where you can distribute your used clothes to children. But before you go ahead, there's a rule of thumb. Don't give something which you wouldn't wear if you could fit in. Also, kindly wash and iron them.

Just remember, by making a little footstep towards, you can create a smile on their face. And if you know more about such places, kindly suggest and we shall accommodate them on the list!

Divya Disha

Away from the bustle of the main road in Secunderabad, Divya Disha is an NGO that works on issues of abuse, rehabilitation of children and education. They run Balaniketan (a rehabilitation home for boys) and Balikaniketan (a rehabilitation home for girls) in the city and a rehabilitation home in Sangareddy. Also, they work with schools in the urban and rural regions of Telangana. So, if you want to donate here, contact on 040-2771-4880.


This was formed in 1999 by Anshu Gupta, together with his friends. They have built a network of communities from urban to village India to help out children, women by providing them the basic needs like education, sanitation, livelihood, etc. They have offices in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Rishikesh and Patna. So, how does it work if you want to donate? You can either go to their regional offices or can go to their dropping centres (access their website). Once, the donation is made. The material goes to the processing center in that city. They are sorted and packed according to various criteria like, age, gender, wearable, un-wearable, woolen. Then based on the requirement expressed by the rural partner groups the material goes to different parts of the country by transportation trucks. Also, they have a detailed feedback system, where you know even details like which village, which person got what clothes. 

Prayas Institute for Social Development

It aims to promote awareness and developmental programmes among the underprivileged sections of the society on a self-sustained basis. It's run by youngsters. They have several programmes like Gyan Deepak, Jagrukh, etc. They accept donations in kind with pick up from the donor's doorstep to make the process easy.

Serve Needy

Serve Needy came into the picture in 2014. It reunites the homeless people with their families, following legal procedures to identify whether those rescued may be missing persons. Those found orphaned or alone are given places in shelters and homes including Serve Needy’s own orphanage. They have several projects under it, one of them being ‘Annadata’, there is ‘Save a Life’, ‘Daily Medical Service’, among others. It works on a 24×7 schedule. If you want to contribute, call Goutham Kumar (founder) at 9550335994.

The Goodwill Store

This place is for the poor and homeless, from kids to oldies. They can walk in and pick up anything they want for free. Run by an NGO named LSN foundation, the store was established in 2015 in Mehdipatnam area with an aim to provide the underprivileged. The store, open on Thursdays and Saturdays. What sets this store apart is the sense of dignity with which the needy can walk in and pick up things of their choice. So, make this Children's Day a happy one for kids.