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Treat Your Taste Buds With The Oh So Mouth Watering Biryani Here!

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Dum laga ke biryani is the routine. It is the best no doubt, but a little twist wouldn’t harm. Will it? Beyond the legendary and regular Tiffin restaurants doling out idlis, vadas and dosas there is a thriving “Donne Biryani” culture in Bangalore. Served in large leafy cups called “Donne” – this Biryani does not trace its roots to the Mughals or the Nizams. Cooked slowly in traditional home ground spices, it seems to have originated as an easy nutritious option for the masses or perhaps the soldiers.
Started in the year 1975, Chickpet Donne Biryani House is one such place which sticks to providing this local delicacy in its truest form. Getting its name from the place the biryani was founded by the forefathers, Chickpet Donne Biryani is not only a flavour, but a brand lacks of its loyal patrons swear by. Moreover, this is one such brand which operates in a QSR format to sell biryani & is one of a kind till now.

CDBH has now expanded its operations to the city of Nizams where one can come across ~50 variants of biryani. With multiple franchises in place, I visited their Miyapur outlet which is situated right on the Miyapur main road with close proximity to Miyapur crossing. Moreover, this is one of outlet which has quite a decent dine-in space as opposed to other outlets which are mostly operating in takeaway format.

Coming straight to the food, among the appetizers, Kakinada Chicken Dry & Guntur chicken dry are the top meat picks to start your meal on a great note, Kakinada having so many spices and locally produced masalas that go into it, including Ajinomoto. Even Mutton fry can be tried out wherein the spices were well infused, however, the meat could have been a bit juicier.
Onto the star dishes, Uluvacharu chicken & Donne Guntur biryani are the recommended ones from the menu as the meat pieces marinated in a tangy horse-gram gravy is well balanced without overpowering the flavour of the dish. Even Donne Paneer Biryani is a good pick for the vegans as this place is first among other outlets serving vegetarian variants of Donne Biryani.

The USP being rice utilized isn't the long-grained basmati variant you find in a typical Hyderabadi, Mughlai or Lucknowi biryanis, however, it is much shorted grained & denser so that it can absorb the masala instantly resulting in a mouthful of flavour that immediately surpasses other biryanis.
So If you’re in Hyderabad, go forthwith to the nearest Chickepet Donne Biryani House and have it. If you’re not, start planning your next trip to Hyderabad- the Donne biryani is waiting!