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Drop By This Restaurant To Try Delicacies From 10 Asian Countries Under One Roof!

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What Makes It Awesome?

10 Asia kitchen is the newest entrant to the city serving delicacies from 10 Asian countries under one roof. Hence the name! They have curated a wonderful and vast menu. I was recently here for lunch. I've tried so many amazing dishes from their menu. So, let me begin with the soup.

Soup :
* Hot spring soup - It is a very unique and I've tried it for the first time. The broth, meat and veggies are cooked on hot stones right in front of you. It was really different and amazing.

Today Lunch Menu,
Appetizers :
From the appetizer menu, tried - Tofu and double mushroom green dumpling, Basil Vegetable dumpling, BBQ chicken Ravioli, Tibetan chicken Momo, Onion carrot banana Tempura, Crispy lotus stem, Murtabak, Crispy corn niblets, 10 Asia crispy chicken, Chicken karaage, Crab cake, Singapore chilli prawns and BBQ Sambal fish. All the appetizers were really good. My favorites are - dumplings, crispy lotus stem, Singapore chilli prawns and 10 Asia crispy chicken.

Main course :
Coming to the main course, tried - spicy pecking chicken, chicken rendang, crispy almond snapper Sichuan crumble, prawn Burmese curry, sambal fried rice, Malaysian char kway teow, cottage cheese Panang, stir-fried greens, braised tofu and steamed rice.

I loved the main course. All of em they were really amazing. Panang was my absolute favourite. Even the chicken rendang, Burmese prawn curry was too good. Crispy almond snapper was some really different and I liked it.

Beverages :
Tried - Drunken Naga, Coco Colada, Kimchi Bloody Mary, Komodo Punch, Cucumber Martini and Thai bird eye mango. All the drinks were amazing. Each one of them had some unique elements which cannot be found anywhere else in the city.

My favourites are - Drunken Naga and Thai bird eye mango. Drunken Naga has the fresh juice extract from Bhut Jholakia (one of the spiciest chillies) added it. It has really high spice and kicks to it. And the Thai bird eye mango has the extract from bird eye chillies.
You cannot miss the drinks here! These are one of the best I've had in recent days.

Desserts :
Finally, the desserts. Tried - Champarodo, Malaysian Kaya toast, Tibetan radsbahar and Indonesian Pisang gorang. Loved the Malaysian Kaya toast. Others were good too.

I'm a huge fan of pan-Asian cuisine. So, I loved this place. Everything from service, taste, presentation was on point. The best part is that they've kept the flavours simple and authentic. I had a great dining experience and I'm going back soon!