Combat Climate Change By Riding Eco-Friendly Autos That Hyderabad Is Set For

Shreya posted on 18 September

If pollution in the city has got you cringing and dreading auto rides, here's some good news for you! Hyderabad is prepping to have more no diesel autos (as opposed to the current 40), in order to fight climate change and to make the commute more eco-friendly. Telangana government has recently announced that all new auto-rickshaws will be electric. This means, no more vile smoke coming out of autos, or the hassle of having to cover your face while you commute.

However, this venture will take some time to be fully effective, but the government is aiming to have 2,000 such vehicles before 2019, according to The News Minute. Efforts like converting 1,000 buildings in the city to have cool roofs and an increase in the number of electric buses will also be made to ensure a more sustainable lifestyle. So, are you ready to go for a ride in these brand new autos? We sure are!