Think Mountains Or Beaches Are Calling You? This Eco Travel Company Will Plan You A Budget Getaway

Tour With EcoNomads


Don't go broke while planning a getaway and immerse yourself in experiential travel with Economads — an eco-touring company that believes in sustainable and responsible travel.

What Makes It Awesome

Roam to give back — a maxim that fits Economads right was founded by Sahil Shrivastava, who quite literally took the plunge by quitting his cushy software job in California. He fully intended to introduce zero waste travel to India and touring with Economads isn't exactly budget, but definitely value for money. For what it's worth, the travelers are connected with remote communities in India, where travelers can break bread with locals. As an insatiable traveler himself, Sahil curates different kinds of tours which are both private and group travel. Whether you're looking for short-guided tours, bicycle tours or long-guided tours and treks, they cover pretty much everything. In fact, their latest tours in collaboration with Zostel for witnessing the wonder of Neelakurinji made them a goto brand for economical travel. Across the country, they host at least four group tours every month, bicycle tours are hosted every week, and private tours are hosted as and when requests are made. 

It's quite obvious that millennials are perceiving travel as priceless experiences, and the fact that Economads goes by that philosophy is making this neat. Browse through the site and you'll find several tours that include the Andamans, Uttarakhand Mountain Explorer, Meghalaya, and right now, The Rann Of Kutch too. In fact, they have a private day tour of Hyderabad too that you can sign up for. Plus, you can also stay with the royals of Rajasthan in one of their experiences. Desire a getaway? Get in touch with Economads, and get lost! 

Tour With EcoNomads