Essence Of Fusion Food At This Restaurant In Jubilee Hills

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What Makes It Awesome ?

It was a preplanned dinner on a Friday night. Since it was raining heavily, I thought to cancel this dinner plan. However I would not cancel the plan at the last minute, I visited this place for dinner by 8:30 pm.

Its located, right above the aura cafe! As I have already visited aura cafe, it was easy for me to locate this restaurant.
Let me start with my experience here, this restaurant is particularly known for its fusion menu.

The atmosphere sets the stage of the restaurant. The dining room was exquisite, the walls were decorated with fancy mirrors. The restaurant seems to be expensive, with soft lighting and peaceful music, it has a pleasant soothing ambiance. A big chandelier attracts us to the center of the restaurant.
However, it was beautiful, with lavished decoration. Tables are decorated with flowers, candles, linen table cloth, and folded napkins.

Essence Fusion, the name itself says, its a fusion on cuisine. The flavor of Indian fusion in combination with some international cuisine.

°Chilli bajji:- this is my favorite snack for south Indian people. But here at Essence Fusion, bajji taste is completely different. Bajji is stuffed with cheese. This gives it a unique taste. Garnished with tamarind chutney.

°Street style pav bajji:-
Might not be Hyderabadi best snack, but one of the favorites for Hyderabadi's.
Most of the place serves pav in rectangular space, but here they serve in a cube in circular form. This doesn't give us complete Indian taste. But this is something tasty than our normal pav bajji. ( Recommended)

°Paneer lasagne:-
Presentation of food will attract us. We, vegetarians, have got only this paneer option as an alternative of chicken, fish and whatnot. On paneer, a layer of cheese was served. Personally, I don't like paneer. So I wouldn't judge on this.

Paneer tikka skewers:-
Paneer was soft enough, marinade well with all powered ingredients.
To skewer, a paneer cube, onion, and capsicum as arranged. ( Recommended)

°Shikampuri kebab:-
This one is highly recommended for vegetarians to taste.
The picture of this item was captivated to the mind.
Hyderabadi cuisine is one such, where international cuisines are combined with a local touch.

°Veg Platter:-
Combination of different aromatic spices with raw smoked vegetables.
Served with four different items, few tandoori types. It includes Broccoli, stuffed mushroom, paneer.

Mocktails:- I personally liked rose chai .

I have liked the name of a mocktail called, strawberry dilkush. This mocktail looks completely different. Taste like a berry fruit. Presentation, that's how it attracts us.
Other mocktails :-
Anar magic, chilli gauva, jeera cola.

Fig kulfi
Gulab jamun cheesecake
Kheer with strawberry rabri
Carrot halwa

I have liked fig kulfi of all

Some special notes:-
Cutlery:- seems to be, served in white and black colored cutlery, Which looks so simple but weighs much.

Presentation:- every dish has got a different presentation to attract us.

Price:- everyone thinks it's expensive, I felt this is not that expensive, it is worth paying that cost for a particular dish. The presentation was flawless.

Quality:- when it's about quality, even culinary matters. They have maintained both.

Service:- staff were professionally trained in the art of table service, about food and chief's special menu.
Service was prompt, efficient.

Value :-4.5/5
Ambiance :-4./5
Service:- 5/5.

How Much Did It Cost ?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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