This Functional Training Gym Promises To Give You A Solid Workout Under 45 Minutes

Sunaina posted on 18 February


This global revolutionary fitness centre – F45 Fitness – challenges you to up your fitness game. And it is just 45 minutes of vigorous functional training. Are you ready?

What Makes It Awesome

Break a sweat at this 45-minute functional training track which will keep you interested in epic routines that keep changing regularly. Having a drab day with the same old routines at your gym? Then you should consider a switch to F45. The pumping music, people huddling at stations, and forming a bonhomie over working out – the energy at F45 is absolutely next-level. Sans mirrors and your regular treadmills, the 45-minute training here is supposed to help you shed 600-900 calories.

With professional trainers who teach you the right technique and the science of working out, let’s just say that you’re in safe hands. Their routines include Cross Fit and activities like Kettle Ball Swing, Barbell Snatch, Burpees, Box Squats, Military Ropes along with weights. The fact that they keep changing the routines on a regular basis makes us look forward to the session. Although there are screens with instructions on the routines, the trainers are super helpful and motivate you throughout. There are also challenges that you can take to push yourself harder on some days. No fuss, just the right amount of stress! The price is around INR 6,000 upwards (depending on the branch).

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Location Details

Plot 18-20, 4th Floor Above Prakash lights, Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad