Stay Protected From Covid-19 & Continue The Fun At Home

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Well, there's nothing more to say. Corona Virus or COVID-19 is a pandemic and we all ought to be cautious. Whoever said prevention is better than cure was bang on right, and if you're falling behind on all the updated information, we've made this list to help you out. From precautions to avoid the symptoms to what can be done at home to lighten the mood and continue having your share of fun, spread this word among your kin. 

Precaution #1: Cover Your Face While Coughing & Sneezing

Coughing and sneezing are normal and they can be triggered by many factors. But during this time of peril, it's best to keep the mouth or nose covered with a tissue or your elbow while coughing or sneezing. No precaution is ever silly. If you have cold or other breathing issues, cover your face with a mask while going out in public. 

Precaution #2: Wash Your Hands Frequently

Whether you're out in public or not, whether you sneezed or not, whether you've opened a door or not, make it a habit to wash your hands as soon as they come in contact with another tangible object, and do not touch your face without sanitising your hand. Because a hand wash is not always available, an alcohol-based hand sanitiser works just as well.

Precaution #3: Avoid Close Contact With People

All we need to do is focus on not spreading germs. The best possible precaution for this avoiding unnecessary contact with others or outings. Stay at home as much as possible or in a safe environment where your masks and sanitizers are at hands reach. Avoid crowds and travelling at all costs. 

Precaution #4: Don't Shy Away From Going To The Hospital

Fever, shortness of breath, or chronic cough — if you notice any of these symptoms, don't shy away from getting a medical opinion. Travel history or not, it's best to follow a doctors advice. 

The Fun Doesn't Need To Stop

Now that you know all the precautions you need to take, you can still have a good time. It kind of sucks that you can go out to explore but there's a lot you can do at home (introverts, we see you smiling). You can either have a lot of me-time or chill with your friends and family at home by doing these things. 

Netflix & Chill For Real

We're talking about the literal Netflix and chill. Thankfully, we live in a time where the internet is the best thing ever, so you and your gang can stream content non-stop. Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, Apple TV, the source really doesn't matter as long as you're safe and sound in your home. Movie night is always right! 

Shop Awesome On LBB

Now is a good time to empty your wishlist, don't you think? Get on LBB (because we have cool stuff, check it out already), you can make use of all the time you have and start scrolling. Here's an idea to make this more fun. Create a pop-up on LBB and share it with your friends. Get shopping together! 

Have A DIY Spa Time

Don't deny, we all slack on skincare. But hello, we have all the time in the world now (post-work), so why not? Dust off the face packs and sheet masks lying in the closet or whip up some DIY face packs and get it started. And while you're at it, play relaxing music, binge watch your shows, or light up some candles for a spa-like feel.