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This Cake Artist Whips Up A Storm With Her Customised Cakes, Brownies & Tea Time Cakes


    What Makes It Awesome

    "OMG! How can any cake be this Instagram-worthy?" — was our first reaction when we set our eyes on Gateau's range of desserts. Gateau is run by an award-winning baker, Ajitha Reddy, who is known for crafting beautiful complex and structure cakes. With subscription boxes for keto desserts and bread, this one is a winner on the whole. Too pretty to be eaten, Ajitha Reddy is a popular home baker and cake artist from Hyderabad who goes above and beyond to craft fascinating cakes for her customers. Ajitha loved cake decorating shows on TLC and wanted to learn and practice this craft, ever since she was in high school. As a result, what we stumble upon today is a fine array of desserts that also include eggless, keto, vegan, and allergy-free variants. 

    One look at her custom or themed-cakes and we want to throw a birthday party. Sourcing ingredients from all across the world, Ajitha treats every cake as a baby. This means, a lot of effort, precision, and of course, creativity go into it. When an order is placed, Ajitha asks her customers to describe their occasion, puts herself in their shoes, and then offers a couple of designs to her customers to pick from. 

    At the moment, her bestselling selection (yup, selling like hotcakes) includes structured or complex cakes along with tea cakes, brownies, and signature tasting boxes. And the best part? You get to pick what finishing goes into the cake. Whether it's buttercream frosting or fondant or coloured ganache, you decide how your cake should be. And Ajitha makes it happen for you.


    While the regular cakes set you back at INR 1,800 per kilo, the customised ones cost you INR 2,100 per kilo. Place your order 7-10 days in advance, and you're good to go. To make sure three-tier cakes and structured cakes are delivered intact, Ajitha hand delivers these beauties.