Head To This Dessert Bar For Freshly Brewed Artisanal Coffee & Yum Pastries!

    Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

    With the decadence and perfection, inspired by gorgeous flavours, fillings and texture found in the finest french patisseries, each offering is made with great care and passion and is simply exquisite in both it’s taste and presentation

    One sinful bite into our artfully baked macarons, and you will be transported to the cobbled streets of France! With eclectic flavours, ranging from the good old classics to the bold and new.

    They are available in different flavours

    One macaroon is ₹80 and box of 5 macaroons is ₹360

    “ Chocolate is ground from the beans of happiness”.

    70% Dark chocolate is purely foundation of chocolate and one of the must-try dessert here.

    The softer and tastier caramel espresso cheesecake

    This eclair has the real flavour of snicker chocolate i

    Nutella waffle is crispier outside and softer inside is yummy

    Nutella waffle is offered at ₹400

    Red velvet is a heart-shaped pastry with all new delicious

    The real flavour of mango fruit is Exotic mango here

    Pista flavoured dessert is white chocolate available

    One of the must-try dessert STRAWBERRY VELLORE is the amazing price

    Doughnut salted caramel toffee, vanilla & mascarpone chantilly, 70% dark chocolate

    The special doughnut salted caramel & toffee

    Vanilla and mascarpone chantilly is cool and good taste to have

    There’s nothing that a little pastry can’t fix! Step into Feu dessert bar for a freshly brewed cup of artisanal coffee and pick from our selection of beautifully baked pastries – it’s the perfect way to unwind. Get a friend along to share in the baked goods, and we promise it will brighten up your day

    It costs around ₹1000 - ₹1500

      Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad